What is CBD?

The power ingredient in our unique gummy blend is CBD, also known as Cannabidiol.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in industrial hemp and cannabis plants and is extracted for consumption. CBD has been shown to have positive health benefits including relief from anxiety, inflammation, pain and other conditions.

CBD can be consumed without breaking the law. Unlike its sister compound THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause any cognitive impairment. In fact, it can help with focus and helps relieve tension and paranoia. This means there is no risk in getting “high” from consuming CBD.


  • CBD is found in the Cannabis plants: Hemp & Marijuana

  • Hemp has high traces of CBD and low traces of THC

  • Marijana contains high traces of THC and low traces of CBD

  • THC gets you high, it’s very psychoactive

  • CBD cannot get you high, it’s non-psychoactive

  • CBD is non-habit-forming and non-addictive

  • Federally, CBD is legal and THC is illegal

CBD helps your body through an interaction with a central regulatory system called the Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid system is key in regulating our physiology, mood, and everyday experience.

The University of San Paulo in Brazil and King’s College in London showed that CBD also activates the 5-HT1A (hydroxytryptamine) serotonin receptor, which can provide an anti-anxiety effect.

5-HT1A is a member of the family of 5-HT receptors, which are activated by the neurotransmitter serotonin. Found in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, 5-HT receptors trigger various intracellular cascades of chemical messages to produce either an excitatory or inhibitory response.

Stony Brook University scientists found that CBD functions as an anandamide reuptake and breakdown inhibitor, thereby raising endocannabinoid levels in the brain’s synapses.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects are in part attributable to its inhibition of adenosine reuptake. By delaying the reuptake of this neurotransmitter, CBD boosts adenosine levels in the brain, which regulates adenosine receptor activity. A1A and A2A adenosine receptors play significant roles in cardiovascular function, regulating myocardial oxygen consumption and coronary blood flow. These receptors have broad anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.

More about Sunday Scaries CBD gummies

& their other active ingredients, Vitamins B12 and D3

There are zero traces of THC in Sunday Scaries gummies.

No, Sunday Scaries gummies won’t get you high. Our gummies are 3rd-Party lab tested to ensure all the THC has been extracted from the high-quality, full-spectrum CBD used in our proprietary blend.

Saying you feel “high” from the gummies would be like saying you feel drunk after drinking non-alcoholic beers… [insert eye roll]. Sunday Scaries gummies are scientifically formulated to help relieve anxiety and get you back to your normal. You shouldn’t have to suffer from your fun, social lifestyle.


Vitamin B12 helps fight fatigue from over exhausting the body and regulates the nervous system, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.

According to Medical News Today, Vitamin B12 plays a significant roll in bodily functions related to: DNA synthesis (creating new DNA molecules), energy production, nerve cell health, red blood cell formulation (transports oxygen throughout your body) and neurological function (how your brain, spine and nerves communicate).


Vitamin D3 is known as the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in your skin as a response to sunlight. Best of all: it boosts our immune systems and helps alleviate chronic pain and depression.

More specifically, according to Healthline, Vitamin D3 helps reduce your chances of developing the following diseases: multiple sclerosis, heart disease & the common flu. A study by the Journal of Internal Medicine suggests there is a correlation between Vitamin D3 and enhanced mood (or reduced depression). AND, according to a study performed by The American Society for Nutrition, Vitamin D3 can also help with weight loss. Not too shabby for a “sunshine vitamin.”

Dosing: Just take 1 to 3 Sunday Scaries gummies (10mg of CBD in each) when you start to feel the onset of anxiety. The effects should take place within 20-30 minutes depending on your body. If you need a little more relief, then take another gummy.