CBD Gummies for Anxiety

The remedy that makes anxiety not so scary

What are “Sunday Scaries”?

Defined: the acute anxiety you feel on Sunday, before the impending doom of Monday, after a kick-ass weekend of partying, spending too much money & just being awesome.

AND: the name of our CBD Gummies


You’re a badass. Don’t let these causes of Sunday Scaries ruin your day.

  • Have a little too much fun this weekend?

  • Dreading the impending doom of Monday?

  • Anxious about the workweek ahead of you?

  • Did you rage too hard?

  • Can’t remember which bar you left your credit card?

  • Forget you to finish your TPS reports?

  • Regretting that late night text you sent? Wyd?

  • Scared to check your bank account?

  • Forget to drink water before bed again?

  • Feel like an empty bag floating in the wind?

  • Bed sheets covered in sand?

Yeah, anxiety sucks, we used to deal with it too

Our Proprietary Anti-Anxiety Blend

Enjoy our scientifically formulated blend of the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol), Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 in a delicious little gummy.

Save your Sunday

so you can dominate Monday

Buy Sunday Scaries Now, For Later

Right now we may feel awesome, but let’s be real with ourselves… Once Friday 5 o’clock hits, we’ll throw our spreadsheets in the air and head to the nearest happy hour.

Taking it easy isn’t really our forte, so once this time comes, we’ll turn up and throw caution to the wind until we wake up on Sunday morning with one shoe on and a lingering sense of regret.

Help your future self be prepared for this inevitable dilemma and order Sunday Scaries right now.

Save your Sunday, so you can dominate Monday.

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